Reasons to keep imagining

As a child, I used to read way too many books and my parents would take them and rush me to do ‘productive things’. As a teenager and a young adult, I couldn’t get over a feeling that reading is a waste of time and therefore so would be my writing- as it would make others waste their time. But what is the purpose of a fantasy book? Is it to entertain? Is it for children to read? Is it to inspire? Maybe all of them and so much more. The most important thing I got from reading books is an enhanced imagination. By imagination, I don’t only mean imagining princesses and dragons in faraway lands. Well that as well, but also, I mean creativity, a grain of magic in the sunshine, hope in tomorrow, empathy and most importantly a better understanding of our world. So what are the benefits of having a good imagination?

Imagination helps where your brains fail you. You can’t have all the knowledge in the world, but you don’t need to as long as you are creative and can create solutions to your problems. Albert Einstein said that: ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.’ Also, imagination helps you understand others better and upgrade your empathy skills. When you can put yourself in other people shoes, you have fewer arguments and conflicts with them. You also become a better listener and communicator. What is more, by Association for Psychological Science, imagination enhances your memory. Imagination helps recall some of your past memories and it could be used as a tool for memory rehabilitation. Also, you can use imagination to remember lists better using memory palaces (it’s when you take a well-known personal location and put the imagined things in there to remember them.) Finally, imagination is a big part of child’s development. As an introvert myself, I found out about this world through books. When you find a tendency or an emotion in the book, it’s much easier to see it in the world and then feel excited about your discovery.

Those are all good things coming from imagining things and reading books. Creativity helps everywhere from an doing office work to a zoo keeping. It is also something that helped me to see a bigger purpose in writing itself. So keep imagining and keep reading!

As a kid, I loved to read fantasy novels. I still do now. I tried to study in a university... twice. Both times I quit before even reaching the second semester. Then I decided it's not for me and started searching for other ways to fill in my life and this blog is one of the consequences as well as starting to write my fantasy novel!

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