Purpose of Eliwrites

As I thought of starting this blog it was because it seemed like something I can make money on and something quite close to what I want to do with my life. I guess that’s usually how it all starts. However, as I went through the journey of creating it, collecting my thoughts and learning different courses I understood that it will never be meant to make money. It will be… it is something I want to do. I want to share my stories, I want to help people like me to write, to do it better and create goals for themselves. To not be lazy, to fight away all the demons that hold us from writing, to motivate, to support, to tutor, to share, to find like-minded people, to connect, to discuss, to fight and to create a writing/reading family. And finally, I want to be the person encouraging to follow your dreams and hopefully be a successful example too. I truly believe I am already successful as I am posting this. After all, everything a writer needs is to write… and somebody to read it.

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As a kid, I loved to read fantasy novels. I still do now. I tried to study in a university... twice. Both times I quit before even reaching the second semester. Then I decided it's not for me and started searching for other ways to fill in my life and this blog is one of the consequences as well as starting to write my fantasy novel!


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