How to own your interruptions?

Everyone has interruptions

I am playing a game on my phone while I am writing this right now. There are some things called interruptions that casually breaks my (hopefully I’m not the only one) productivity and reach of goals. Usually, those are totally worthless things that help to ‘rest your mind’. That makes you to not think about important things and just be in the present- creating a game strategy, feeling for the main character of the drama or similar.

Most of the time I am fighting with these kinds of distractions and am trying to become absolutely productive. However, sometimes one or another catches my eye and then I have to finish it, usually spend some money on it and ‘have a good time’. If we look at the four quadrants of time management, such activity goes to the 4th quadrant, which means, that it’s a total waste of time and you should stop doing it. But again are really all of those distractions so bad and should we really avoid all of them? Or should we just pick the better, more useful ones and enjoy ourselves?

Let yourself slip from time to time

People who spent their whole childhood and usually their college years playing computer games and creating strategies for them, are one of the smartest friends I have. Some others (myself included) spent their time reading fantasy books or watching dramas and grew up to be highly empathetic and sincere. So, is it really that bad if it gives that kind of qualities? A kind of qualities that school didn’t manage to give me?

I believe that if we choose the thing we like, if we limit the time we spend on it, if we do it with intention in our mind and passion in our hearts- anything can be a useful tool. If you are playing a game- you better play it well and create the best strategies. Watching a drama? Better watch it in another language and try to learn it or educate another way from it. Reading a book? Try to absorb the style, grammar, vocabulary, emotions. Reading books also increases your creativity, imagination, empathy and you can learn an amazing amount of stuff. I think reading books is one of the easiest ‘interruptions’ because it brings you many advantages without working for it too much.

So, I will continue reading and I will also continue writing. If I find an interesting game I would like to play- I will research if it’s for me. And if it is, I’ll go right to the top of it!

As a kid, I loved to read fantasy novels. I still do now. I tried to study in a university... twice. Both times I quit before even reaching the second semester. Then I decided it's not for me and started searching for other ways to fill in my life and this blog is one of the consequences as well as starting to write my fantasy novel!

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