How to get your things sorted out?

Planning and listing your tasks

I am making one list after another at the moment. There’s so much stuff and decisions coming into my life. I and my boyfriend want to move to another country, we want to start living in a van/ tiny house, we want to get married, we are also planning to start earning money from home and start investing. I am not even mentioning the daily things. It all needs planning and sorting out.

All this is pretty overwhelming and I find myself running from tasks at hand much more often than I want to acknowledge. However, the thing that helps to cope with stress for me is making lists and planning. Lists were always somewhat important to me and I did my little routines and dream lists since I was a little girl. I used to write to myself about all the places I have to clean in the house and how long should it take for me to do each of those. I even gave some little rewards for myself each time I finished one of the tasks. They usually were something like reading another chapter of a book. That’s not the most perfect reward and it usually takes so much time, but I still didn’t get out of such practice.

A bad thing that comes of doing things this way is that I tend to choose easier/ faster tasks first since they will ‘grant’ me the ‘reward’ quicker and neglect the really important tasks. That means that looking at my list it seems that I did 5 tasks out of 6 even though the sixth one was the most important. In the end, the most important one might even be forgotten. That sixth one might be writing the last chapters of my book and the other 5 would be something like making a call for electricity or checking an article.

Here are some ways of dealing with this:

First of all- prioritizing. Telling yourself to do the most important task is really hard. But it also makes you feel accomplished and energized for the last few pieces on the list. Another good way is to put your tasks in some kind of order to mix the bigger ones with the smaller ones. You still have to prioritize the important ones and put them in the beginning. One more good advice is to put each of the tasks into a time frame. We tend to start doing something and then get distracted, check Facebook notifications or watch some random videos on Youtube. If we’d know we have to accomplish something in half an hour, we are more likely to concentrate on the task at hand. Here are some more ways to deal with interruptions.

Time is a difficult thing to manage but with some planning and listing skills as well as the commitment, we can fit even the toughest tasks in our days and deal with them.

As a kid, I loved to read fantasy novels. I still do now. I tried to study in a university... twice. Both times I quit before even reaching the second semester. Then I decided it's not for me and started searching for other ways to fill in my life and this blog is one of the consequences as well as starting to write my fantasy novel!

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