finishing my course

What does it feel like to finish a course?

I’ve finished my course!

Finally… I was studying Creative writing Specialization online at ‘Coursera’ for almost a year now. (Here is more information on the course and my certificates). I’ve tried studying in universities before. Twice. Both courses- economics and hospitality management- seemed to not be meant for me and so I’ve quit both. Economics in Lithuania after barely 2 months and Hospitality Management here in Ireland after coming close to finishing the first semester.

However, with this course, I just knew that it’s right for me. Writing fits me like a glove. I feel passionate about putting words together to create a story, to deliver thoughts and realize myself better. Both reading and writing is something I have loved since I was a child. I have more than 30, but here are the main reasons why.

Though I’ve never seen it as a career possibility, life brought us here and so here I am trying to manage my own blog and write a book. I don’t have many accomplishments to congratulate myself on yet. All this is just taking first steps- creating a presentable blog, starting to write a book and also… well finishing the creative writing course. The course helped me a lot with the theoretical side of the things and it also made me accountable since I had to write at least one assignment each week so I’ve had to keep constantly writing and doing it intentionally.

After I finished it

I feel more confident. As if I finally found something for me, something to stick there for. Even if I won’t use many of those things, it taught me the importance of writers’ community and feedback, of writing and persisting even if you think you can’t do it anymore. It taught me that my writing matters and that some people can find things in my texts that even I didn’t intend to be there.

I fully believe that young adults shouldn’t be forced to go to university. When you know something is for you, you’ll intrinsically want to educate yourself in it and finish it. Conversely, there is no need to force myself on spending 4 years of my life on something I don’t enjoy. So don’t be afraid to search for something you like and if you find it there’s a whole sea of useful things in university/ online program to actually go for.

As a kid, I loved to read fantasy novels. I still do now. I tried to study in a university... twice. Both times I quit before even reaching the second semester. Then I decided it's not for me and started searching for other ways to fill in my life and this blog is one of the consequences as well as starting to write my fantasy novel!

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