30 reasons why I enjoy writing

  1. I get to have my own Harry Potter writing room;
  2. I can create worlds;
  3. Somebody (even if it’s only my boyfriend) is going to read it!
  4. I found myself so I could be able to write about others;
  5. I get to follow my characters around;
  6. I get to say ‘I am a writer‘- which sounds pretty cool!
  7. I can be a part of an amazing community;
  8. I like pouring words on the paper with a blue pen even if they don’t make sense;
  9. Each day I get closer to my role models;
  10. I like noticing myself getting better and my imagination expanding;
  11. I enjoy the feeling of finished junk drafts even if so much more work is ahead of me;
  12. I love turning off my phone to get half an hour of super productive writing boost;
  13. I love going to the balcony to write but just enjoying the weather and watching other people;
  14. I like preparing the snacks for what should be a 2-hour writing session, but then just eating them and going to write afterward because I have no food left;
  15. I like to create little romantic notes for my loved one and put it in his bag with some sweets;
  16. I like writing gratefulness for the day, my affirmations and my to-do lists;
  17. I like it when a sudden thought/idea comes to my head and I have to put it down to my phone right that moment even if it means looking at your phone when you’re crossing the street;
  18. I adore it when somebody finds more and deeper thoughts in my work than I intended to put into it;
  19. When I get stuck, I enjoy having the situation in my head for days or even weeks till I finally untangle it;
  20. After untangling it, I enjoy a fresh stream of words and ideas flowing from me and everything suddenly making sense;
  21. I enjoy writing my thoughts without judging them, without thinking, without noticing;
  22. I enjoy the sound of my computer keyboard clicking at a fast pace;
  23. Sometimes I enjoy finishing my assignment and never looking back at that work again;
  24. I love clicking the ‘Post‘ button and the worry if I left any mistakes or if I could have written anything better;
  25. I love it when I am in the middle of writing and my boyfriend brings me a warm cup of tea and hugs me;
  26. I love waking up early and submitting the assignment just a few minutes away from the deadline;
  27. I love it when I run out of the internet and instead of scrolling, I go to scribble something like ’30 Reasons why I enjoy writing’ on my phone;
  28. I enjoy waiting for feedback about my writings even if it’s nerve-wracking;
  29. Sometimes I just enjoy going to somebody and asking out of the blue ‘Should I just simply kill him or should I like blow up his house?’ (Of course, I am talking about the antagonist of my novel, duh) and then watching their reactions;
  30. I enjoy the feeling of getting closer to my dreams!

As a kid, I loved to read fantasy novels. I still do now. I tried to study in a university... twice. Both times I quit before even reaching the second semester. Then I decided it's not for me and started searching for other ways to fill in my life and this blog is one of the consequences as well as starting to write my fantasy novel!

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