Sabela rushed through the groceries. Vegetables here were disgusting. She sighed and took a green stick supposed to be a cucumber. Her sack was full of such vegetables. Even more cripled than that cucumber were the people around her. Everyone slumped looking at their phones, tablets and other weird kinds of technologies that were so common here. However, they probably viewed her as a disabled one. She didn’t even have a phone. Sabela’s master sent her here with an impossible mission. And no matter what, Sabela will have to succeed at it.
She glanced to both sides making sure nobody followed her and scurried behind the tomato tent. As she went through the dark alleys, she noticed that everything seemed perfect in this world of theirs. There was no trash on the streets, not even any dirt. The electronic road sweepers made sure that even the most abandoned roads would look like no dust ever got on them. All the buildings looked as if they were built just yesterday due to the technology that takes care of their cleanliness automatically. But even the best technology couldn’t escape Sabela’s magic. She put her hood up and went to an even darker and smaller street. Nobody ever came here. She saw a stain of dirt in the very corner and smiled to herself. Then she closed her eyes, breathed in deeply and put her fingers in the first position. She hurriedly changed it to the second and third ones. Sabela felt a gust of wind as a light blue portal appeared in front of her. Her master- Mira looked up in surprise.
‘You’re early, my friend’
Sabela smiled noting how sweaty and tired Mira was. But even then, her deep golden eyes struck her as the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.
‘I always am.’
‘Everything just ended. He’s here’ said Mira taking a little ball of cloth from somebody’s arms. She squeezed the ball affectionately. The cloth started moving and a loud cry reached Sabela through the portal.
‘So it really is a boy?’ double-checked Sabela.
‘Yeah, a strong boy’ pain was obvious in Mira’s voice.
Sabela watched them carefully with one eye, trying to guard the alley against technomancers with another.
‘Mira, my magic is low. We should hurry up.’
Mira sighed and her expression stiffened.
‘I am doing this for you my Tam’ she muttered to the cloth bundle. Then she hugged it once more and gave a look to one of her servant girls. The girl nodded and did a few complicated finger positions. Her face started to sweat from concentration. Sabela already though that nothing will happen when the portal shook and became transparent.
Mira gave a kiss to a crying bundle while humming a lullaby. Then quickly put it out through the portal to waiting Sabela’s arms. The next moment Miras servant girl collapsed to the ground and the portal became blue again.
Sabela noticed tear streams on Mira’s cheeks.
‘He’s going to be alright. I’ll take care of him’
‘I know you will. There’s nobody else I trust more than you Sabela.’ As if to herself Mira also added ‘You will be safe there. That’s all I can do for you my baby boy’
Sabela’s magic was running out so she closed the portal. She also couldn’t take seeing her master in this state. She looked at the little boy watching her. His eyes were striking- the middle of it was like golden honey just like his mum’s, but the sides were dark blue. Right then, looking at those eyes, she promised for this boy- Tam, his mother and herself, that she will guard him with her life.

As a kid, I loved to read fantasy novels. I still do now. I tried to study in a university... twice. Both times I quit before even reaching the second semester. Then I decided it's not for me and started searching for other ways to fill in my life and this blog is one of the consequences as well as starting to write my fantasy novel!

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